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October part 2:


We back up in here.. stretching over to early November So Part 2 begins on the back of great day in history. I never thought I’d be alive to see something so historic and In truth a little bit of me thought they couldn’t do it. Now after rightly giving that pessimistic side of me a big of slap, my faith is restored in a nation that hopefully has more liberal times a head. A change of mood is healthy like a change of food. so respect for the American people for making it happen.

On that note I heard
Will-I-AM has written a song dedicated to Obama’s victory. Come on people do we really need to hear from every Tom, Dick and Will on who they voted for so they can capitalize on his win and only cheapen it?...blaaaaa
Anyway enough of that and on to some good

Lewis Parker - Big Siesta

I heard Eminem is finding his lost mic and dropping a new album December. Honestly to tell the truth it’s a mixed feeling. Like many I grew up listening to ‘Slim Shady’ and ‘Forgot About Dre’ while mum was away and I suppose what I’m really hungry for is some angry Marshall Mathers but after recent disappointments I’m starting not to care. Although saying that in-charge of production is beat legend Premier - news that seriously sweetens the LP’s anticipation. Fingers crossed.

After the recent death of his good friend J-Dilla, Busta Rythmes drops ‘Dilla-Gence’ an emotional album that sees Busta step back to his roots spiting over some classic JD tracks. Some R.I.P dedications can fall short or sound corny but this is Busta hanging up his commercial suit, if for a minute, and in his own words returning to ‘real Hip Hop’. The result is a straight flavoursome collaboration and another reminder of the Legacy Detroit’s finest left behind.

On the Detroit front did you know the city was the birthplace of techno? Yeah scarp that but on a level what it did provide us with was some great artists like Amp Fiddler, Black Milk, Slum Village, Eminem, Royce Da’59” and Illa J (baby bro of J-Dilla) to name a few. So obviously a few more reasons to visit 8 mile. There’s also a nice article in November’s Hip Hop Connection about the city and interviews with all the above that’s well worth a butchers.

Mobb Deep - Shook ones (Sigur Ros remix)

Last September Murs dropped a new album ‘Murs for president’. If you haven’t heard about this boi your kinda missing out people. With previously dope albums produced by 9th Wonder like ‘Murray’s Revenge’ and ‘3:16’, he makes the sort of laid back, lyrical music you can munch anytime to. Here’s one of my fav’s.

Murs - 1st Love

Shout to UK:

First up is
Ghost. The follow up to his EPGhost Stories’ and the super chilled ‘Seldom Seen Often Heard’, which by the way is one of the best recent UK albums going, the beat maker returns with a second installment entitled ‘Freedom of Thought’. After hearing some of his new stuff it’s clear he has many strings to his violin so expect something completely different this time round. To wet your appetite check the ghost classic ‘Exactly’ feat Asaviour and Verb t of his debut.

It’s all going Savvy for Asaviour also of late.The Huddelsfield heavyweight strong off the back of his Play to win mixtapes vol.1 and vol.2’ and debut ‘Borrowed Ladder’ has blessed us again with the ‘A Loop Theory mixtape’ on free download in preparation for his highly anticipated new album ‘A Loop Theory’. The mixtape (check the myspace for freeness) has some tasty Flying Lotus and Skream freestyles while the LP sees him team up with old bredwin DJ IQ for the mix. From what I’ve heard it’s really experimental branching across all genres like electro, grime, jazz, Hip Hop and even rock. Get the freeness and get hungry.

Asaviour - Homecoming

Seeing as DJ Mentat is on the cover of the 10th anniversary addition of Big Smoke (shameless plug) I thought I’d take you bac
k to one of my Mentat favourites ‘When I Give My Heart’ feat Skinnyman. Enjoy.

AfterThe Experience’, Kyza’s ‘Brand New Second Hand’ out February is probably one of the most anticipated follow up’s for a while. I probably havn’t been this excited since girls where allowed to join my six form. And with his once a week free downloads of Kyza freestyles on existing instrumentals and the mixtape ‘Shots of Smirnoff’ (dented records) dropping soon, the hunger is only set to get stronger. ‘Missing’ freestyle is straight ill, as is ‘Wonderful World’. If you’ve missed any just follow link and you’ll see what I mean.

Monkey Journey to West...... Exciting maverick Opera telling an old Chinese fable, from Damian Albarn so expect .....well I don't know what to expect, and that's the nang thing about seeing it! One of the Big nights out of '08.

Both indie and hip-hop in the UK are outlets for opinio
n and rebellion so the scenes aren’t galaxies apart as the indust
ry might have us think. Step forward Mongrel, a collaboration which is attempting to merge the two identities and their different cultures under one unique banner, confronting themes that manufactured music wouldn’t dare face. The project is the brainchild of former Arctic Monkeys’ bassist Andy Nicholson and the band includes other members from the Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles and Reverend and the Makers. Solidifying the joint is UK lyricist Lowkey. An artist that has been on the scene for more the a minute, as a member of notorious Poisonous Poets he needs little introduction. 
Mongrel promises to be conscious music and rebellious expression whilst still holding the original British flava, ensuring that they aren’t just not another gimmick band jumping on the political wagon but a group well worth lending an ear. 
For tasty tasters of mongrel material along with Lowkey exclusive freestyles hunt down the free cd on November's HHC or pun the myspace.

Following on from ‘High Fidelity Melanin 9 drops a new album ‘144,00’. With its dark and gritty beats is what you’ve come to expect form one 1/3 of Triple Darkness. Saying that ‘Anthemia’ Triple Darkness' debut reminds me of the Mob Deep 'Murda Muzik' release. Both Solid releases.

M9 - Strange Fruit

Triple Darkness 

K-delight has new shizzy out. The Brighton boi is becoming somewhat of a veteran with his recognizable kick and snare. His beats are dustier then racks of vinyl of which they were sampled and the sort of tracks that get heavy rotation on the breakdancing circuit.Check, check!

Part 2 has to be dedicated to the boys making up the Speakers Corner Quartet. Headed by Flute legend Biscuit who you might remember from LG & Biscuit’s super dope album ‘Smoke Rings’, the group craft psychedelic sounds with timing that complements reckless perfection. A funk soul quartet on dunks they’re a new reason to appreciate the power of live music freestyled. Regulars at Jazz café, QEH and Royal Festival Hall and having worked alongside talent like Soweto Kinch, David Okumu,Jehst, DJ Vadim, Immortal Technique to name a few their something quite special in the happening. I’ve seen them a couple of times now, and you can see them for cheap or free on guestlist so hit their myspace.

Finally but not lastly:

Finished a piece on Sarah Love the other night. If you don’t know get to know. She’s one of the most knowledgeable dj’s we own and a big supporter of homegrown. As the first female to be nominated for a MOBO in the club DJ category, It’s refreshing to see a female hold her own weight and settle the testosterone in a male dominated scene. With her Friday morning flavours 2-6am 1exta show and mix cd dropping on the high water music label, She’s as hot as the music she drops. Go check!

Going out or just looking to give me a slap, check the
flyers for a satisfaction:

Wow that was satisfying….Till late November people – peace x

P.S -Be contributing to UKHH.COM soon so go check the website.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

October Part 1


Ok so its August since I brought fresh flava to your ear…but If you thought I was stopping these shinanighans then you were more mistaken then that time you thought peanutbutta and jam went together.
October’s been a busy month. So far I’ve hit Blak Twang's album Launch party, baby J's BABYFOOD tour and dropped my mouth several times at the craziness that is the UK BBOY Championships. Russia won btw (photos of event soon), not to mention finishing several reviews and articles for Big Smoke.

So seeing as I’ve withheld a monthly dose, this post is coming in two parts - you can thank me later - Less ranting, although I still wanna murder the next fassy that offers me a London Lite, and more of the good sheezy. Enjoy:

 Rakim - When I'm on the Mic

I’ve gotta dedicate Part 1 to Kevin Mark Trail. Straight up one of the UK’s finest voices,  you where first introduced to him on The Streets ‘Original Pirate Material’ from there he’s dropped the ridiculously soulful album ‘Just living’ along with EP ‘Sketches’. The man makes music to improve your sex life people. Seriously if your lacking in chat, pop on ‘breathless’ and your on your way to making babies. His conscious lyrics on tracks like ‘Vibe’ and ‘Ego City’ also illustrate a man of substance and serve as another reminder of real talent not being recognized by the majors. He’s currently touring with The Streets so go check!

On that note The Streets new album 'Everything is borrowed' is tip top and everything you expected from the previous Mercury Music Award winners. With better production and all round material then the last flop, its more mature and upbeat. Trust, this is The Streets back to perfect simplicity and a reason why Mike Skinner is so unique. The track 'Escapist' stands out. 

Loving the video to Common’s new tune 'Universal mind control' featuring Pharrell. It’s the first single taken of album numero eight of the same name. Said to be electro-tinged and tech-inspired the release has been pushed back till December 9th. Chi-towns finest has come along way since debuting back in ‘92 with ‘can I borrow a dollar’ and although for me hasn’t made anything better then 'Like Water for Chocolate' (although 'Resurrection' was close) I’m still counting down the days till release. Fingers crossed. 

Another heavyweight, Mr. Retirement, Jay-Z, has got a new album ‘Blueprint 3’ dropping the 2nd of same month. Produced solely by Kanye West I’m really hoping It doesn’t feature Lil Wayne(although no doubt it will) and that I get more for my pennies then 'American Gangster', which was about as exciting as Monday Mornings.

'Hungry?..... Should have gone to'

I’ve been trying to reignite my obsession with Radio shows. Hunting the FM Frequencies again for the exclusive DJ slots takes you back to the Reebok classic and Ben Sherman days, when armed with a tape recorder as your bible you’d religiously stay up for Shortie Blitz, Heartless Crew and yes Tim Westwood. Now it’s all different, with so many ways of listening to radio the choice is more diverse then choosing a curry on brick lane!
I know 1extra first comes to mind, but seeing as it's digital there’s still something quite nice about driving through the city in a midnight haze tuning into the FM late night riddems.

Apart from everything and anytime on Rinse FM I still love Kiss late night madness. Seek DJ MK for fresh UK Hip Hop Thursday 9-11 pm , Sindan for Dope beats Thursday 1-2am and winners of the Kiss pirate clash, the jokers, Dangerous Minds Crew for nang grime Tuesday 1-2am.

For the best radio on the web you need to hit up Suspect Packages Radio hosted by Disorda and The Last Skeptik’s scrumptious Dusty Crates Radio show:

Shout out to UK:

Off Corse reppin’ for the UK Sway’s ‘The Signature LP’ and Kano’s 101 Grime Street’ are both released this month. And while they’re both better then good (see Kano's 'Hustler' video) for me two other cats have overshadowed both their releases - Evil Ed’s ‘The Get Together’ and Baby J’s ‘Baby Food’. Check out my reviews in current issue of Big Smoke for further details. But simply put, both LP’s are the illest Hip Hop this side of Pluto. Video’s of 'Ruffnek set the trend' and 'Wake Up' taken from Babyfood.

Legend Blak Twang has also returned to form with new album ‘Speaking form Xperience’ which is well worth a butchers.

MILLION DAN has also released a high-octane banger of an album named 'Spectrum' which is well worth lending an ear, and tying in with this months release of the solo debut I'm taking you back to when he was dropping hotness in 89 as mike J of Demon Boys around the same time as the infamous London Posse . Check the video, Check the sound.

Tracks you need:

Busty Signal- Tic Toc

Santo gold I’m a lady – Diplo remix (video)

M.I.A swagger like this featuring jay-z, T.I, Lil Wayne

Nas ‘Black President and Hero off new album ‘untitled’

Lykee Li - breaking up

Going out? Come find me at:

FWD vs RINSE : Grime - Dubstep - Funky House. 24th October at the End. 
Featuring Boy Better Know, Skream, Benga, Geeneus, Kode 9, Youngsta, N Type, Platician and others I'm preparing a big bag of medication.

Sir Smurf Lil ‘A New Bloodline’ album launch Wednesday 22nd October at Rhythm Factory.
Hosted by Yungun, it will include support from Jehst, Dubbledge, Triple Darkness and Micall Parksun and with Mr Thing and DJ IQ on the one’s and two’s its set to be messy. Yes sir! 

Also, Grandmaster flash hits London’s paper nightclub 25th October.

Well that’s’ it for Part 1see you end of month for delicious seconds. Don’t forget to check Big Smoke Magazine.

Oh and remember its all about Pickles and Peanutbutta.


Kano - Hustler

Common - Universal Mind Control

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

August 08


Firstly apologises for my disappearing act last month. Just move down to the concrete jungle and in between securing a part-time job, saving rent and joining various projects mans been busy get me! But don’t worry, in response I’ve got a supa munch for your listening pleasure.

First off though who the Fuck made Lil Wayne the future of Hip Hop, I’m not hating, well I am but it’s not that I’m even brewing from the wackness of his music but more of the fact that he’s destroyed my love for Lollipops. Stop slurring your words blud. Dick.

Oh and if Mr Mayor wants more peeps using public transport can he buy all those mofo’s playing music loud on their phone a master class on using headphones. After a monotonous Monday the last thing I need is a distorted grime riddem. I don’t like your music gremlin neither does anyone else for that matter, so why must you make my ears bleed, I should return the favour and do a Van Goff on your ass. If they want to play real music they should log on to Picklesandpeanutbutta/ and get learning. Word!

Before we get started check out how young Andre 3000 and Big Boi look in this classic Outkast 'Players Ball':


Right first up we have CHORDS. I was introduced to this rhyming fiend by my man Thaddeuspuck ( The Swedish rapper is straight up Dope people, mixing thought provoking rhymes with off-the wall humour. I can’t get enough of ‘Luckiest Man Alive’ and ‘Appetite for Consumption’ feat Timbuktu both taken form his new second album ‘Things We Do For Things’. And following further research I found Sweden has a few more gems. Loop Troop Rockers made up of Supreme, Embee and Promoe have just dropped a new album ‘Good Things’ and if ‘The Building’ or Promoe's own solo releases are anything to go by, the LP is set to make waves. 
(check videos below)

I hear Dr Dre is finishing his much-anticipated sequel to ‘2001’ entitled ‘Retox’. Featuring Nas, Jay-z and Lil Wayne (yuk) and sampling heavily on live drums I hope 8 years in the making is worth the wait.

Now each blog entry I represent talent from the UK and the last couple of months has been no different with the scene making some serious noise.
Prose made up of Steady and rapper Efeks are a crew you need to lend an ear to. Reppin’ from South London with a Leeds connection the duo are proving that poetic flow over oldskool beats is still the best recipe. Dare I say their mixtape 
‘Boom Bap Bootleg’ is the best sliced bread this year, made from the same substance as Jehst’s ‘Alcoholic Author’ and Taskforce’s ‘Music from the corner’ sagas

Had a cheeky chat with Kyza (formerly of Terra Firma) at Breakin Bread, Jazz Café the other night. He informed me that he and Klasnekoff haven’t spoken in two years! Thats a real Shame, I was enjoying the possibility of more Terra Firma music but he promised his own mixtape was dope and finished, as well as a second album close to completion later in the year. Entitled? – it was loud and I had a few so fuck knows if I can remember. I‘ll keep you posted.
Oh and if you havn't got Kyza's first album 'The Experience' there's something wrong in your head! 

Another UK heavyweight finishing his new album is Blak Twang. ‘Speaking from Xperience’ features Estelle, Toy, Sway and k9, amongst others and is due 29th September. Seeing as one of my favourite UK tracks of all time is ‘U know’ I still have faith in Toni Rotten to bless us with some niceness.

Kano new album ‘104 Grime Street’ set for 29th September.

And finally been going to a lot of spoken word recently. With Hip-Hop's foundations steming from spoken word it's an area of literature that surprises and impresses. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but you should really consider changing your brew! Check these word mavericks:

Polar Bear
(Favourite: Straight Outta Compton and Seven Thirty)

2 Tru Deep

Some dope tracks and albums you need in your life:

Snook & Veronica Maggio ft. Petter - Inga Problem
Mattix feat Flutebox 
(appearing at Shoreditch festival) - things have changed.

Akala - Freedom Lasso.
Nemesis and Arrogance - lend me your ear
Ghost - Seldom Seen but often Heard
C-Mone - Butterfly Effect

Recently reviewed artists:


Neon Neon - debut album 'Stainless style' nominated for '08 Mercury award.

Remember to check for my articles and interviews amongst others in the new issue of BIG SMOKE magazine released end of August. 10th Anniversary edition gonna be big!

See you next month!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Stevie Hyper D -Anniversary Piece BIG SMOKE Magazine

Stevie Hyper D

Throughout history the music game has provided us with great artists, pioneer artists, those whose innovative styles and rebellious ambition to test the stereotype have pushed their music to new levels. On the tenth anniversary of his death Big Smoke caught up with the biggest fans of one such artist, nephew Daryl Hyper D and Bionic (London Posse) to talk about the Original Junglist soldier and the Legacy he created.

Stevie was a West London kid listening to Jamaican Ragga with a deep routed passion for emceeing. His greatest loves where Hip Hop and Reggae which along with his heavy West Indies roots gave birth to his innovative style setting him apart from mc’s popular at the time ‘he would come with a structure, chorus, verse much like a rapper would’. Daryl recollects. But instead of pursuing a Hip Hop angle he saw an opportunity to do something different in the acid house/ hardcore scene that was dominating the summers of 88/89 ‘Stevie was about bubbling, he would hold a rave for 5 hours whilst other mc’s would have an hour set and pass the mic. The first time I heard Roots Manuva’s ‘Run Come Save Me’ was how Stevie made me feel. That feeing you get from a great artist.’In the early days Daryl Hyper D and the rest of Stevie’s entourage would hustle Stevie to the stage, making sure he got the mic. Daryl remembers the early struggle ‘we would have those big raves, Fantasy, Peace-Fest, Stevie was up and coming. If you turned up they’d give you 75 quid, but we had to get to Milton Keynes, Luton or Birmingham. So we used to all chip in and get a mini bus. For 2 years Stevie was doing that and we were behind him we were nobodies. We had to go hustle the mic of these guys who we all new Stevie was 10 times better then.’
‘The type of person he was and that, didn’t go with that image, he was just too real.’ Bionic remembering their first meeting outside the Lazzer Drum, Peckham in 94 ‘ My bredrin took we to one rave, there were bare gals, and every girl was like Stevie Hyper D! Stevie hyper D! I heard the name but didn’t know who he was. Girls were all over him. Stevie was like ‘Yo, Bionic man I used to listen to your music’ and all the girls were like who’s Bionic?’ He grins ‘We got all the girls in the car and went to his show in Tottenham. On the way he was telling me how the DJ’s have got it and MC’s just bust’ Bionic and Stevie quickly found common ground. 
‘His ideas were big! He’s on music, making records. Stevie was on the same level as me, he was future enough to say ok lets make a Drum n Bass version of All I want to do is have some fun. From that minute we had the link. Then he brung me to bare raves. I was like fucking hell bare sexy gals everywhere. I thought this new music was mad! It was like how Miami bass hit me in America. Then I saw him chat rave after rave and thought mans bad! I’ve replayed that moment back in my head the most. The meeting was the beginning of a new stage of my life. I was an angry bad person and that’s what a lot of people remember me for. He brought me to the enjoyment stage of life where I needed to be.’Stevie’s ability to hold an arena of happy ravers for hours on end saw him become a pioneer in the jungle and Drum n Bass scene in the early nineties. His career gave him resident spots at Movement, The Hope, Telepathy, Elevation, Jungle Mania, Innervation to name a few and saw him tour heavily from Canada to Australia, Japan to Europe mostly financed by himself.
‘It felt like he toured every weekend, Germany was like his second home’. Daryl explains. ‘People would see Stevie’s name on the flyer and be like Yeh I’m going to that rave, not cos of the DJ, but the MC, cos you know its gonna be a show.’ Not happy that he was billed to one rave while DJ’s were doing 3 -4 sets a night he began to build a new approach to emceeing, preparing lyrics for dubplates that were currently smashing up and knowing exactly when they’d be dropped by the DJ at the time. 
‘He was all about UK music getting recognized, especially MC’s. Stevie would say that next year was gonna be about the MC and that really burnt a lot of DJ’s.’
‘Hip Hop is lyrically based.’ adds Bionic. ‘And most of the DnB DJ’s in the scene didn’t ever want DnB to be like Hip Hop. They didn’t want to be the little DJ in the background that everybody didn’t give a fuck about.’His ability to hold his own as an MC in a scene dominated by the DJ saw him team up with the established Nicky Blackmarket, a partnership that broke new ground.
‘He knew to make money, to be recognized worldwide you had to cross that barrier, had to do something that’s not the norm. Something that’s not UK Hip Hop, not Jungle.’
Stevie had come along way from his days as a teen splitting over 12 inch ragee rhythms with his ‘5 man army’ crew. At the time of Stevie’s death, he was working twice as much. Signed to Island records he was working on a new album ‘Next Step’ by Different Levels. It seemed the best was only yet to come. But unfortunately on the 5th of July 1998 music lost one of its greatest performers. Stevie Hyper D died of a heart attack with a history of heart problems running in the family. There was a lot of mystery associated with his death, Daryl explains ‘I like the mystery surrounding his death, there’s 
so many stories on the internet that he died on stage, it was an overdose. It was like when Jimi Hendrix died. For the past 7-8 years it’s always been patchy. It happened with people close to Stevie but not the family.
After smashing a massive rave in Canada with Nicky Blackmarket and Kenny Ken within that week he had been complaining of chest pains. But he was like na man its indigestion. He was worried of course but thought it was a consequence of traveling too much, parties and rich living. His death was a wake up call for a lot of the people in the industry who lived the lifestyle’‘On a Thursday or Friday he did a massive rave, one nation or something, he went home with his girl and that’s when I got the call that Stevie was in hospital. No one new what had happened. Stevie was always a joker. I thought he was winding me up. He was more like my brother then my uncle, who took me to my first rave. I couldn’t accept it, he was only 32.’
The scene stopped and paid tribute to a fallen soldier with two raves at the End and Camden Palace with everyone you can name in Drum n Bass wanting to pay homage. Shortly followed the release of ‘Legend’ with all profits going to Stevie’s mum Aida.
‘The rave was packed’ Bionic remembers ‘I was so hurt that day, I felt it when they started rinsing his tunes, that was a love thing. That was huge. For the next year, bare times I thought I’d seen Stevie, you couldn’t accept it. We said we were gonna make a group, He new we were gonna bang up the world and then he died. That crushed man. For so many years people have tried to bring me back to music. So when he died that’s when I knew I had to come out of the music completely.’
‘Stevie was a workaholic doing raves from Wednesday to Sunday.’ Daryl adds ‘He lived the lifestyle. When he would come of stage it was time for him to get out his big bag of ‘dro and nice bottle of brandy and kick back with what ever woman he had.’ So he was a ladies man. Daryl grins ‘ Stevie was a dog man he didn’t have to hide it. Drum and Bass was part of his life. That day twenty different girls ran me asking if it was true. If he had a rave in Bournemouth he had a girl in Bournemouth, know what I mean, It was that lifestyle. When I went to his stone two years ago, there was a girl crying her eyes out, I didn’t know her and asked her if she new him. She said how she lived in Hastings and he used to come she her. I was like ra people 8 years on were still mourning him.’ Bionic continues ‘At the time in America, Hip Hop was a road ting, when I dropped Money mad people weren’t on it, Hip Hop here wasn’t a road ting. America weren’t hearing you if you were British Hip Hop, we needed our own ting, so when Stevie showed me the flex, I loved the flex. English everything English. When I did shows I was a crowd man, when I saw Stevie I was like yeh, he’s a showman. He was an entertainer, when he went no one else was able to recreate his input.’ Drum n Bass was the voice of Britain’s youth and Stevie took it across the waters making a name for himself state side. ‘When I went back 
to America after his death, I wanted to hear what was being said. It was nothing but Stevie mate. LA, New Orleans, Canada. The name Stevie Hyper D was everywhere!’
It took Stevie 4 years with Nicky Blackmarket before he got his first MC award in 1997. In 2007 the Drum N Bass scene presented Daryl with the Stevie Hyper D Memorial award, for his lifetime achievement to the cores ‘when my man Stevie picked up his award in 97 it was one category, best MC, now there are 8 categories for MC. I couldn’t believe it. The MC in the DnB had now got his props.’
On the Ten year anniversary of his death Daryl Hyper D has started ‘Generation Hyper’, a project that stems from a new generation raised on Stevie Hyper D which will include rare releases, remixes and a documentary narrated by Bionic.
‘When Stevie died a lot of people said DnB was dead’ Daryl explains ‘its about ten years later, seeing how music has progressed from Stevie, my man innovated something, he’s not here to see it but he took all the elements of what urban music was, found a template to relay it on and smash it with. What Stevie did was install something bigger then Drum n Bass. He put in place a format that no one has yet been able to recreate.’

" right about now I did it my way, in da place, in da place, move your body to da drum and da bass, cause stevie hyper's right now on the case" - Stevie Hyper D