Thursday, 6 November 2008

October part 2:


We back up in here.. stretching over to early November So Part 2 begins on the back of great day in history. I never thought I’d be alive to see something so historic and In truth a little bit of me thought they couldn’t do it. Now after rightly giving that pessimistic side of me a big of slap, my faith is restored in a nation that hopefully has more liberal times a head. A change of mood is healthy like a change of food. so respect for the American people for making it happen.

On that note I heard
Will-I-AM has written a song dedicated to Obama’s victory. Come on people do we really need to hear from every Tom, Dick and Will on who they voted for so they can capitalize on his win and only cheapen it?...blaaaaa
Anyway enough of that and on to some good

Lewis Parker - Big Siesta

I heard Eminem is finding his lost mic and dropping a new album December. Honestly to tell the truth it’s a mixed feeling. Like many I grew up listening to ‘Slim Shady’ and ‘Forgot About Dre’ while mum was away and I suppose what I’m really hungry for is some angry Marshall Mathers but after recent disappointments I’m starting not to care. Although saying that in-charge of production is beat legend Premier - news that seriously sweetens the LP’s anticipation. Fingers crossed.

After the recent death of his good friend J-Dilla, Busta Rythmes drops ‘Dilla-Gence’ an emotional album that sees Busta step back to his roots spiting over some classic JD tracks. Some R.I.P dedications can fall short or sound corny but this is Busta hanging up his commercial suit, if for a minute, and in his own words returning to ‘real Hip Hop’. The result is a straight flavoursome collaboration and another reminder of the Legacy Detroit’s finest left behind.

On the Detroit front did you know the city was the birthplace of techno? Yeah scarp that but on a level what it did provide us with was some great artists like Amp Fiddler, Black Milk, Slum Village, Eminem, Royce Da’59” and Illa J (baby bro of J-Dilla) to name a few. So obviously a few more reasons to visit 8 mile. There’s also a nice article in November’s Hip Hop Connection about the city and interviews with all the above that’s well worth a butchers.

Mobb Deep - Shook ones (Sigur Ros remix)

Last September Murs dropped a new album ‘Murs for president’. If you haven’t heard about this boi your kinda missing out people. With previously dope albums produced by 9th Wonder like ‘Murray’s Revenge’ and ‘3:16’, he makes the sort of laid back, lyrical music you can munch anytime to. Here’s one of my fav’s.

Murs - 1st Love

Shout to UK:

First up is
Ghost. The follow up to his EPGhost Stories’ and the super chilled ‘Seldom Seen Often Heard’, which by the way is one of the best recent UK albums going, the beat maker returns with a second installment entitled ‘Freedom of Thought’. After hearing some of his new stuff it’s clear he has many strings to his violin so expect something completely different this time round. To wet your appetite check the ghost classic ‘Exactly’ feat Asaviour and Verb t of his debut.

It’s all going Savvy for Asaviour also of late.The Huddelsfield heavyweight strong off the back of his Play to win mixtapes vol.1 and vol.2’ and debut ‘Borrowed Ladder’ has blessed us again with the ‘A Loop Theory mixtape’ on free download in preparation for his highly anticipated new album ‘A Loop Theory’. The mixtape (check the myspace for freeness) has some tasty Flying Lotus and Skream freestyles while the LP sees him team up with old bredwin DJ IQ for the mix. From what I’ve heard it’s really experimental branching across all genres like electro, grime, jazz, Hip Hop and even rock. Get the freeness and get hungry.

Asaviour - Homecoming

Seeing as DJ Mentat is on the cover of the 10th anniversary addition of Big Smoke (shameless plug) I thought I’d take you bac
k to one of my Mentat favourites ‘When I Give My Heart’ feat Skinnyman. Enjoy.

AfterThe Experience’, Kyza’s ‘Brand New Second Hand’ out February is probably one of the most anticipated follow up’s for a while. I probably havn’t been this excited since girls where allowed to join my six form. And with his once a week free downloads of Kyza freestyles on existing instrumentals and the mixtape ‘Shots of Smirnoff’ (dented records) dropping soon, the hunger is only set to get stronger. ‘Missing’ freestyle is straight ill, as is ‘Wonderful World’. If you’ve missed any just follow link and you’ll see what I mean.

Monkey Journey to West...... Exciting maverick Opera telling an old Chinese fable, from Damian Albarn so expect .....well I don't know what to expect, and that's the nang thing about seeing it! One of the Big nights out of '08.

Both indie and hip-hop in the UK are outlets for opinio
n and rebellion so the scenes aren’t galaxies apart as the indust
ry might have us think. Step forward Mongrel, a collaboration which is attempting to merge the two identities and their different cultures under one unique banner, confronting themes that manufactured music wouldn’t dare face. The project is the brainchild of former Arctic Monkeys’ bassist Andy Nicholson and the band includes other members from the Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles and Reverend and the Makers. Solidifying the joint is UK lyricist Lowkey. An artist that has been on the scene for more the a minute, as a member of notorious Poisonous Poets he needs little introduction. 
Mongrel promises to be conscious music and rebellious expression whilst still holding the original British flava, ensuring that they aren’t just not another gimmick band jumping on the political wagon but a group well worth lending an ear. 
For tasty tasters of mongrel material along with Lowkey exclusive freestyles hunt down the free cd on November's HHC or pun the myspace.

Following on from ‘High Fidelity Melanin 9 drops a new album ‘144,00’. With its dark and gritty beats is what you’ve come to expect form one 1/3 of Triple Darkness. Saying that ‘Anthemia’ Triple Darkness' debut reminds me of the Mob Deep 'Murda Muzik' release. Both Solid releases.

M9 - Strange Fruit

Triple Darkness 

K-delight has new shizzy out. The Brighton boi is becoming somewhat of a veteran with his recognizable kick and snare. His beats are dustier then racks of vinyl of which they were sampled and the sort of tracks that get heavy rotation on the breakdancing circuit.Check, check!

Part 2 has to be dedicated to the boys making up the Speakers Corner Quartet. Headed by Flute legend Biscuit who you might remember from LG & Biscuit’s super dope album ‘Smoke Rings’, the group craft psychedelic sounds with timing that complements reckless perfection. A funk soul quartet on dunks they’re a new reason to appreciate the power of live music freestyled. Regulars at Jazz café, QEH and Royal Festival Hall and having worked alongside talent like Soweto Kinch, David Okumu,Jehst, DJ Vadim, Immortal Technique to name a few their something quite special in the happening. I’ve seen them a couple of times now, and you can see them for cheap or free on guestlist so hit their myspace.

Finally but not lastly:

Finished a piece on Sarah Love the other night. If you don’t know get to know. She’s one of the most knowledgeable dj’s we own and a big supporter of homegrown. As the first female to be nominated for a MOBO in the club DJ category, It’s refreshing to see a female hold her own weight and settle the testosterone in a male dominated scene. With her Friday morning flavours 2-6am 1exta show and mix cd dropping on the high water music label, She’s as hot as the music she drops. Go check!

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Wow that was satisfying….Till late November people – peace x

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